Our sustainability efforts with eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

"I am passionate about conservation of natural habitats and the wildlife that depends on them. This passion colours everything I do and make. So, sustainable packaging is a primary concern for our brand, while keeping in mind price, breakability and shipping.
Susan and the team
"Our aspiration is to use recycled and recyclable materials for each piece we produce. Improving the quality of our packaging materials is a constant focus of our team, and it is indeed improving, as new materials and resources become available."
Willow Tree packaging
Each box contains Micro-paks which are 100% natural clay, packed in biodegradable kraft paper to absorb moisture during shipping.
"Since Summer 2020, every new piece is packaged with our eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, and every year we convert more of the existing pieces across the entire range.
"Each one of us, doing something small and positive, can make a difference. And whatever we do for our earth – for nature – is good for all of us! I find this to be an uplifting and hopeful message for the future."
Susan signature

Our goal by year-end 2024
Production of 100% of the Willow Tree line will be in eco-friendly or compostable packaging.