Cherish Figurine by Willow Tree

Figurine includes a gift tag with sentiment 'Awaiting a miracle'. "l love to hear from people who see in my figurines who or what they want to see. I like that level of participation with the viewer. It's another reason why I like to keep Willow Tree open, so that there is room for the viewer to see their child's face, their friend etc. in the pieces. I hear from many emails and letters that a piece may look exactly like 'my little _' and I love to hear that. I heard from a woman who owned Cherish that the figure was exactly the way she carried her baby in her third pregnancy| With Cherish , I wanted to break new ground . I hadn't seen a figure of a very pregnant woman before. It's such a beautiful form , and such an amazing experience for a woman, and I wanted to capture and celebrate the contemplative time of life." - Susan Lordi A gift to celebrate new beginnings, new babies , new families...and the loving relationships that develop between parent and child. Beautiful gift for an expectant mum on Mothers Day Height: 21.0cm
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