The Holy Family Figurine by Willow Tree

This figure includes a gift tag with the sentiment 'A child is born'. In response to requests for a small scale nativity, Susan created this intimate rendering, measuring 19cm tall. This one piece sculpture, painted with richly layered colours, is ideal for those with limited display space, or who wish to display a nativity year-round. The expressive gestures of Mary and Joseph reveal their humanity, and portray their overwhelming emotion of love and protection for their newborn child. Mary is turned in towards Joseph, sheltered by his right arm. Joseph's staff and cloak form a protective shield around his new family. Joseph's left hand, positioned above the head of Baby Jesus, shadows the curve of Mary's wrist. This is a historically symbolic gesture of blessing and protection. "This is a story from the past....but the overwhelming emotions of holiday a new baby, starting a new family, and wanting to protect them forevermore are present today in every culture and every age. My hope is that the gestures of Mary and Joseph will represent these powerful feelings of love and protection." - Susan Lordi. The Holy Family collection is ideal for those looking for a smaller Nativity option. Height: 19.0cm