Quiet Wonder Figurine by Willow Tree

This figure includes a gift tag with the sentiment 'May quiet wonders bring you hope' This figure can be a little reminder to yourself, or someone close to you, of revelations and discoveries found in quiet moments when we are still and present. Perhaps a best wishes gift to a graduate about to start a new venture...or a hopeful piece for one facing a major decision. Or a reminder to marvel at the miracle of butterflies in nature. A gift to support and encourage hope and healing. "A quiet moment, when the pace slows and the present comes into focus, is when quiet wonders, such as the opening of butterfly wings, are revealed. I find energy in quietly observing the rhythms of nature - the welcome happenings that reliably come with the cyclical change of the seasons... In these quiet wonders, I feel comfort and hope." - Susan Lordi. Supplied in a branded gift box Height: 9.5cm