Zampognaro Figurine by Willow Tree

This figure includes a gift tag with the sentiment 'A shepherd's gift .... a joyous melody....proclaiming the news|' "I love the idea of bringing music to the Nativity... and I wanted to portray an instrument that's traditionally been used for that purpose. My son is immersed in the preservation of indigenous music in the regions of Italy and Sicily, from where my grandparents originated. He has re-introduced an authentic musical tradition to our family by learning about and playing the zampognaro ( pronounced zam-pone-ya)The bagpipe is an ancient pastoral instrument played by shepherds and farmers for thousands of years, and is used in many cultures to celebrate the nativity. In present day Italy ,the Zampognaro plays the Novena, the nine days leading upto Christmas...a celebration and announcement of the birth of Christ. The zampognaro is a humble shepherd's instrument , yet it produces a rich texture of melody and rhythm. I like the thought of this joyful, symphonic music surrounding the nativity scene" - Susan Lordi. As a Christmas gift, wedding gift or self - purchase, the Willow Tree Nativity collection continues on as a family tradition. Height: 23.0cm